Your Virtual Asset | Online Business Management Australia
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It takes an army of talented & creative people to build a thriving business


When you partner with Your Virtual Asset, you’ll gain a team of online assistants, specialising in course management, client care, project tracking, system setups and day to day administration, all under the guidance of your dedicated online business manager.

While you focus on building your business doing all those creative tasks you LOVE, we’ll take over the tasks dragging you down. Your OBM team will set up systems and take care of the day to day running of your business.

Online business management for all levels of business


No matter what stage you’re at in your business, we’ll create packages to suit your needs. Our clients include:

  • Start-up entrepreneurs – looking to set up business systems and streamline processes from the start
  • Quick growth entrepreneurs – your business has boomed, and you can no longer keep up doing it all alone
  • High flying entrepreneurs – you’ve already got a team in place, but you need management support to keep everything humming along

Meet Jemma, online business manager to creative entrepreneurs

After 8 years of travelling the world, living in deserts and on tropical islands, and climbing active volcanos, Jemma started Your Virtual Asset. Her worldly knowledge makes her a stand-out online business manager, knowing how to tackle all situations calmly and rationally. With a natural flair for customer service and communication, Jemma has built a team of like-minded peers who work together under her guidance to create business systems that promote growth.